USOC Responsibilities

  1. Facility and experiment operations preparation, validation, and execution
  2. Payload increment planning and inputs to the overall mission/increment/partner plan
  3. Operations feasibility and science samples bread-boarding within the Science Reference Model (SRM), collecting science requirements for experiments and payload upgrades
  4. Consolidation planning in coordination with industry for ground model utilization (SRM/EM/EGSE) for increment preparation
  5. Provision of science/sample based parts of experiment safety data packages, experiment qualification and validation testing, experiment ground and launch site processing
  6. Update of PODF, operations scenarios with associated support centres, validation and interface testing of ground segment (Col CC, supporting USOCs, UHBs), experiment ground operations products for launch items
  7. Experiment training requirements and procedures, astronaut training support for experiment operations, including instructors, familiarization of scientists
  8. Ground-rules and constraints, issue of planning and re-planning requests, inputs to short term plans, timeline and ground data flow
  9. Real-time operations management and re-planning for payload and experiments execution, payload team and PI-team coordination, flight anomalies reporting, console logs, payload data processing, ground based experiments on SRM/EM for comparative execution
  10. Early retrieval and late access activities, configuration control of experiment ground models, and SRM configuration control

ESA/Industry Responsibilities

  1. Supervision/execution of all HW/SW related activities of payload (EM & FM), and for development and verification of experiment HW and SW
  2. HW and SW ICDs between payload items (Class 1 and Class 2), development and verification of Class 2 equipment, payload ground and flight safety, final verification of payload late access items, validation testing of payload maintenance and upgrade items
  3. Inputs to the PODF for payload sustaining engineering and upgrades, validation of payload procedures/operations products/payload database for payload upgrades
  4. Experiment Operations Support
  5. Training requirements and procedures for maintenance and upgrade items, training support, incl. Instructors
  6. Analytical validation of payload internal timelines, definition of flight rules for unplanned events/anomalies
  7. Payload maintenance, resupplying and transportation planning
  8. Payload trend analysis, on-orbit configuration control, failure analysis andtrouble shooting, real-time support to on-orbit maintenance and upgrades
  9. Logistics, maintenance and spare planning, maintenance of EM and SRM incl. provision of consumables, configuration control of EM, configuration control tool