BUSOC 15 years Open Doors and education website

The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy turns 50 years : Open Doors are possible on 11 and 12 October 2014. The BUSOC has a new education website http://ulisse.busoc.be/edu/ .


The BUSOC hosted by BIRA participates also at the event.

The BUSOC will propose to read the comicbook of the TOSCA project and activities about projects of BUSOC.

The B.USOC also turns 15 years. At this occasion, a game book has been created covering the most important projects in which B.USOC is involved. B.USOC will also propose an educational experience on the behaviour of water in space and on earth.

The B.USOC created also a new logo for this event.

More information soon on the Busoc website for education : http://edu.busoc.be/

The corrections of the education book are here : http://bit.ly/2b3UBDI

More info: http://50.aeronomie.be and http://spacepole.be/opendoors/index.htm.

There are pictures of the event :