March 20 eclipse of the sun

SOLAR on the ISS will observe the March 20 eclipse on the sun.


On March 20, there will be a coincidence between the International Space Station orbit and the path of the solar eclipse in Northern Africa. The SOLAR package on the ESA COLUMBUS module of the ISS will observe it. SOLAR operates for 7 years in earth orbit and measures the energy emitted by the sun for the far ultraviolet to the infrared in order to monitor the solar influence on atmospheric chemistry and climate. SOLAR operations are conducted by B.USOC (Belgian users Support and Operation Centre) from the Space Pole in Brussels. SOLAR is now constituted by two instruments: SOL-ACES, a far UV monitor from the Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg (Germany) and SOLSPEC, a UV to infrared spectrometer from the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy with French participation. The observation of the partial eclipse will allow the study of the relations between the size of the solar disk and the spectral energy received at the earth as well as possible edge effects of the solar disk.