THOR - METERON - What a day!

Tuesday 8 September 2015 will stay in the memories of many B.USOC operators for a long time! On that day, Flight Day 7 of the Short Duration Mission of the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen onboard the ISS, the operator team was engaged in two experiments successfully achieved.


That day, at the Belgian Control Centre, the SUPVIS-E experiment was accomplished with great success. The activity consisted of Andreas controlling the Eurobot rover located at ESTEC and executing a scenario including multiple robotic assets. The activity went so flawlessly that 3 sessions were executed in one, thanks to the good preparation of the several teams on ground and the efficiency of Andy (the nickname of Andreas Mogensen).

SUPVIS-E is one step of the Multi-purpose End To End Robotic Operations Network (METERON), a large and ambitious program lead by ESA, involving several international partners. The last 3 months of preparation were particularly intense and stressful, but B.USOC, ESTEC, ESOC and many teams across Europe made it happen!

B.USOC ops room on 2015/251. (Credit: B.USOC).


The B.USOC METERON team after successful SUPVIS-E, (from left to Right: Saliha Klaï, Claudio Queirolo, Dirk Pauwels, Koen Struyven, Carla Jacobs) (Credit: B.USOC)


The day continued with another important objective! Andy tracked and took pictures of Clouds Turrets from the Pirs Window, for the THOR experiment. “Easy and straightforward activity” as reported Andy at the end of day. THOR experiment is led by a science team of the Technical University of Denmark and aims to study of atmospheric luminous phenomena related to large thunderstorms. The astronaut will continue to observe events that happens above thunderstorms, Clouds Turrets but also Transient Luminous Events (TLE) during his stay on the station.

GMT251 18:26 (Credit : ESA, DTU Space)


GMT251 18:20 (Credit : ESA, DTU Space)


The B.USOC THOR team in front of the first picture taken by Andy for THOR. (From L to R: Anuschka Helderweirt, Alice Michel, Geraldine Mariën, Carla Jacobs). (Credit: B.USOC).