2/11/2000 : 15 years of continuous ISS manned operations

It was November 2/11/2000 that the first crew arrived at the ISS shown here in its first expedition configuration.


The three first ISS astronauts were : William Shepherd (commander, NASA), Sergei K.Krikalev (RSA) et Yuri Gidzenko (RSA). They prepared the station for further occupations and began the science programme of the ISS, since them a rotating cast of more than 220 of the world's elite astronauts have lived and worked at the ISS, which includes 16 participating nations and is led by the United States and Russia. The Belgian ESA astronaut Frank De Winne flew twice in the ISS, first in 2002 in the ODISSEA taxi flight and in 2009 for the six month OasISS mission where he was also the first European to command the station during expedition 21. ODISSEA with its complement of Belgian experiments was the first large B.USOC operation.

The ISS in 2009 after the arrival of the Japanese KIBO module.

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