SOLAR in the ISS observes the March 8 total eclipse of the sun

The SOLAR package was active during the March 8 eclipse over Indonesia and measured the progressive dimming of the sun by the moon in three wavelengths, this observation is of course non nominal but analysis by the SOLSPEC science team has already started in order to check the theoretical representation of the spatial distribution of the solar radiation on the solar disk, the observation could also be used in order to perform a verification of the value of the solar diameter.


SOLAR operations are managed by B.USOC with the support of science teams at the Belgian Royal Institute for Space Aeronomy, the Freiburg Fraunhofer Institute and other scientific institutions.


NASA Document: While from the ISS, the solar eclipse is not very different from what it is on the earth, the astronauts have the privilege of observing the shadow of the moon on the earth as on this image of the 1999 total eclipse (NASA document)