CUBIST is a research-project, funded by the European Commission, and conducted by seven partners coming from different European Countries (Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, and Bulgaria).

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CUBIST envisions combining the two worlds of Business Intelligence and Semantic Technologies. The objective of CUBIST is to aggregate various information sources available to operators in mission control rooms using this technology. Aggregated data, ready for the BI processing, are expected to provide online support - via a unified interface - for making better decisions, reveal hitherto undiscovered information and provide supportive evidence in debriefing and decision making processes related to the organisation of space control centre operations. More specifically, CUBIST should provide a system or interface on console which is immediately accessible for the operator on-console, and provides a unified interface to both structured and unstructured data.

It would allow * Automatic notifications, based on the pre-programmed limits (for telemetry) or datasets (archive not being complete, planning changed,). * To provide a system enabling automatic searches for identical or similar events in the past based on a combination of different types of input resulting in easy data mining. * To support decision making by visual analytics of the housekeeping data, allowing the operator to create a snapshot of a specific event by aggregating all relevant data of that event, both structured and unstructured (clogs, anomaly reports, ....).

CUBIST has lasted for three years and will be finished by the end of September 2013 providing a first prototype. For the SOLAR use case a user evaluation has been conducted in the light of the final stage of the project.