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In 2006, the Belgium government and the French government signed an additional clause to their initial agreement related to the participation of Belgium in the Spot Programme allowing Belgium to participate in the Pleiades programme as well.

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In this context, a distribution agreement has been signed between Spot Image (legal distributor of Pleiades data) and the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO): this agreement includes the following points:

  • Yearly acquisition rights = 4% of the satellite acquisition capacity (reassessed each year if needed)
  • 10% of programming in priority mode
  • In order to avoid saturation, BELSPO will make their best effort to restrict their monthly requests to 12% of their annual needs.
  • Each programming request complying with this convention involves the delivery of the products.
  • Yearly extraction rights from the Central Catalogue = 4% of the global annual sales, with a minimum of 150 scenes.
  • Category 1 License and Prices
  • Every order is validated by BELSPO. BELSPO has an intermediate position between Belgian Institutional users and Spot Image.
  • Beyond the quotas agreed in the agreement, category 3 prices with a 20% discount will be applied.

4% of the satellite availability represents around 5000 acquisition attempts, which means that BELSPO will have to manage a lot of requests and, hopefully, a big archive and big volumes of data. Besides, the category 1 license allows the institutional users to share the images acquired in the framework of the agreement between BELSPO and Spot Image.

Managing big volumes of data, providing an easy access to an archive and finally, make profitable the investments made by the Belgian Government will be the role of BELSPO. In order to help BELSPO achieving these goals, Belgian User Support and Operation Centre (B.USOC) is offering a global solution to manage the archiving of Pleiades pictures: a web portal and a hosting solution.

The goal of this infrastructure is to store the requested products (processed images) delivered by Astrium and to redistribute these products to the user community (approved by the Stereo management).

The “National Data Portal” is a web interface allowing to display images and meta-data stored on the database. Authenticated users have the possibility to download these products.

On top of that, a backup system will be developed to ensure the long term data preservation of the requested products.

This backup will be automatically synchronized each night with the prime systems.